Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Breakage Album/Haiti Fundraiser @ Lakota

Breakage - Foundation LP

The new LP from Breakage set to be out soon is a masterpiece, moving through many different aspects of Bass music with a style and presence that cant be matched. There is a few words on it here ->
Soundboy have kept this LP unwraps for too long, watch out for the colabs with Donae'o, Kano and Burial among others, but really you cant skip a track.

Here's the vid for recent single 'Hard' featuring Newham Generals;

Haiti Fundraiser - Lakota 6th March

Just to let you know I'm playing a DnB set Vs Filgoat in support of the Oxfam fund for Haiti on the 6th March.

I'm also playing on Passion Radio tonight maybe and at Motion on the weekend with Triple Fiya!! :)


Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Kryptic Minds Free Tune, Donae'o Live Lounge 1Xtra

Kryptic Minds - Torn

Kryptic minds have been very generous in giving this track out free which did make the recent huge album 'One Of Us'

To give you more of an idea of there sound if you havent cecked them before here's a mix they did last month of a load of there own tunes, check it:

Kryptic Minds - One Of Us - Swamp81
Kryptic Minds - Dissolved - Swamp81
Kryptic Minds - Hybrid - Osiris Music
Kryptic Minds - Wasteland - Osiris Music
Kryptic Minds - The Talisman - Osiris Music
Kryptic Minds - Just After Sunset - Osiris Music
Kryptic Minds - Acid Rain - Osiris Music
Kryptic Minds - Black Magic - Osiris Music
Kryptic Minds - The Passing - Osiris Music
Kryptic Minds - Chosen Few - Swamp81
Kryptic Minds - Solidworks - Osiris Music
Kryptic Minds & Youngsta - Cold Blooded - Osiris Music
Kryptic Minds - Badman - Swamp81
Kryptic Minds - Transendant - Osiris Music
Kryptic Minds - Extinct - Osiris Music
Pinch & Moving Ninja - False Flag (Kryptic Minds Mix) - Tectonic


Cant stop playing 'Riot Music' at the minute the Shy Fx mix and the Skream remix is even sicker! Big things this year, he's just did a live lounge on 1Xtra yesterday check it out here, about 1:43 in ->

Monday, 15 February 2010

Martyn - Fabric 50, Reso - Temjin EP Reviews

Martyn Fabric 50

Here's a review I did of Martyn's recent Fabric 50 mix;

As the Fabric mix series reaches it landmark 50th release it see's Dutch deep bass meester Martyn at the helm mixing a selection of his key tracks of the moment. Trancending borders and genres Fabric 50 is a unique insight from someone at the very cutting edge of the global bass movement, often tagged as 'Martyn Music' he melds genre's and timbres with one core vibe, bass.
Delving in to Hiphop through funky to the gutter jungle of Zomby the mixing is fast and fluid before you know it you find yourself submerged in minimal techno and deep into house. Martyns unique take on The Detachments track Circles catches you midway, the ska punk vocal an unusual partner to the broken house groove but accomplished with style offers yet another angle to the sound.
Future garage and funky beats 2 step their way through different shades, till swathes of noise and glich subside to dub techno. Jan Drivers 'Rat Alert' rips you up at the end to land you in the seminal 'Triligual Dance Sexperince' from young virtuso producer Dorian Concept.Martyn is an artist who moves with the times and in the age of no genre is immersed deep in the electronic music explorations of now.

" I just think it's interesting to show people how diverse music can be, if you make an effort and play a variety of things, some house alongside dubstep or instrumental hip hop. For me Fabric 50 is sort of a temporary moment in time rather than a definitive Martyn mix, because I have been gigging so much over the past year, my sound has gradually moved a little bit more to straight up house and techno related music"

RESO Temjin E.P

Few releases have been as eagerly awaited as RESO's Temjin E.P over the last few months, with a live show known for its intensity RESO doesn't hold back on the buttons either. Lead track 'Octacon' builds then bursts into showers of razor edged bass punctuated by heavy metal drums and shards of synth.' Armoured Core' brings a new tide of filth while 'Hemisphere' offers a lighter mood but with equal brooding intensity. Lurching into the protowonk sounds of 'Hyperglide' with its glistening riffs, drums and basslines blazing in equal measure, no wonder its already making waves in San Francisco. The grainy broken house vibes on 'Channel Pressure' fuse a funky walking bassriff amid pads, swells and crispy leads till it almost takes on a disco feel. Closing track 'mind Games' brings yet another tempo whilst retaining the fluidity, RESO's dark minimal drumfunk grinds, lifts and morphs into a seething flurry of beats and resonant bass to the dramatic crescendo drum assault.


Friday, 12 February 2010 Dub Fyah Mix/30

Hooked up with and joined the all things Dubwise Bristol collective and laid down a mix on the Dub side of tings :)
A few Triple Fyah exclusives in there currently getting support from Rob Smith and Andy Scholes, enjoy;

Sickman D - Dub Fyah Mix for Com64: Feb 2010 by COM64

EL Rakkas - I & I - Lo Dubs
Digital Mystikz - Wait - Soul Jazz
Cay's Crays - Digital Mystikz Version - Kartel
RSD - Forward Youth - Tectonic
RSD - Jah Way - Punch Drunk
Mungo's HiFi - Dubplate fi Dem - Scrub a Dub
Sream - Pass The Red Stripe - Soul Jazz
Max Romeo - Captain of my Ship - Trple Fyah Dub
Digital Mystikz - Earth a Run Red -Soul Jazz
Triple Fyah - Operator - Dub
Liquid wicked - The Govener - Scrub a Dub
RSD - On Deck - R8 Records
Cotti Ft Doctor - Rise The Temperature - MTA
Digital Mystikz - Thief in The Night - Soul Jazz
Tenor Saw - Ring the Alarm - Dubstep Refix
Flux Pavilion - Nigt Goes On - Circus Records
>> RSD - Kingfisher - Earwax
Cotti - Nah Go Dung Deh - Aquatic Lab
Rossi B & Luca - Don't Cry Soundbwoy - Heavy Artilery
Triple Fyah - Circumstances Demix - Dub

I turned 30 yesterday, dont feel any different apart from the achievement I've made it this far :)

Friday, 5 February 2010

Epiphany Vs Rub a Dub @ LAB Tonight!!!

Would be good if you could make it I'm playing early 12-1 :P

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Emalkay Vid, Scuba news, Fused Forces Mix

Emalkay - Video Interview

Props to for this;

'Dub Nation Video Blog Vol 2.0 features an interview and concert performance footage of “Birmingham’s finest”, Emalkay. In the featured interview, he discusses both the U.K. and U.S. dubstep scenes.'

Interview with him in this months Atmosphere as well :)

Scuba - Triangulation LP

Looking forward to this dropping in late March out to FACT always bringing the good news, first!


Fused Forces have been putting out tunes at a stupid rate over the last couple years and here's a selection of the Essex boys latest dubs, releases and remixs.


1. Fused Forces - No Reality (Forthcoming Police In Helicopter).
2. Fused Forces - Chemical Reaction (Dub).
3. Fused Forces - K-Hole (Forthcoming Substance Abuse).
4. Fused Forces feat Riko - Ease Off (Dub).
5. Fused Forces - Earthquake (Dub).
6. Fused Forces & Dj Cable - Law Man (Dub).
7. Roommate & The Bassist - Rub A Dub "Fused Forces Remix" (Dub).
8. Fused Forces - Back Fire (Substance Abuse 003).
9. Fused Forces - KetalHead. (Dub).
10. Afterdark - Torment Dement "Fused Forces Remix" (Dub).
11. M2J - Silent Running "Fused Forces Remix" (Dub).
12. Fused Fused - Life Cycle (Forthcoming Substance Abuse).
13. Fused Fused - Yeah Yeah (Dub).
14. Fused Forces - Subway (Dub).
15. Fused Forces - Who U Dealing With (Forthcoming Substance Abuse).
16. Fused Forces - Immoral (Dub).
17. Fused Forces feat Sdot - Angry (Dub).
18. Fused Forces - Henry (Dub).
19. Fused Forces - Mole Gripz (Dub).
20. Fused Forces - Gentlemens Jacks (Dubs).
21. Fused Forces - Body Farm (Dub).
22. Matt Green - Black Forest "Fused Forces Remix" (Forthcoming Base.Corrupt).
23. Fused Forces - Disjointed (Forthcoming Substance Abuse).
24. Fused Forces - Dirt Fist (Dub).

D/L ->


Monday, 1 February 2010

Soul Motive, Sunglasses - Whiplash, Forensics Freeness

Superb Bristol label 'Soul Motive' have just put up a mix of new and old stuff, built by the excellent Forsaken;

01. julio bashmore - around - (soul motive)
02. el-b - son di cali - (soul motive)
03. geiom - luna - (soul motive)
04. hyetal - neon speech - (soul motive)
05. julio bashmore - batak groove - (soul motive)
06. headhunter - luvdup - (soul motive)
07. ? - jump remix - (sm white)
08. trg - move dis - (soul motive)
09. phaelah and vvv - reconcile - (soul motive)
10. sharmaji - break your heart - (soul motive)
11. coleco - breathwork - (soul motive)
12. eleven tigers - stableface - (soul motive)
13. ? - secrets - (sm white)
14. forsaken - into the sunset - (soul motive)

Sunglasses - Whiplash

Tongue firmly in cheek, found this pretty amusing and a wicked video, check his other stuff to as MNUVR -> Http://

Forensics - Free remix's - poached from DSF

A Bridge Far Away - Killerbees remixes

01 : This One remix
02 : Be-1ne remix
03 : Fused Forces remix

Available on (in the blog)

'Killerbees' is taken from the first ABFA album ('Enchanted'), out now on Methodology Recordings. A second album ('Reverence') drops 05/04/2010. Other Methodology releases are in the pipeline from Dusk Ensemble, This One & many others.... For more info visit