Monday, 10 May 2010

New vids/Crazylegs/Poirier @ Start The Bus

OPR8 - Vacume//Sub Space Vol II

So I've chucked together some random footage to go up on you tube again for my last mix - Subspace Vol II and for the OPR8 track 'Vacume' which is still available to download from FOO Magazine, link below on the blog..

Have a watch if you've got a minute, any comments appreciated :)

Crazylegs - Joy Orbison/Peverelist/Swindle/EFA

After the fail at Crash Mansion, which was fun to test out some tunes and meet Braiden and Synamatix made my way to Crazylegs which was proper rammed, one in one out biznis. Caught up with lots of people and sweated out to some sick music, they really should sort out the air con in there though, all about the front fan crew..

Only caught the last couple of Swindle heard he smacked it, Peverelist took charge and commanded the dance floor with deep subby rollers and smooth bangers playing a lot of future sounds, with tight mixing as ever and raising the roof with 'Roll with the Punches'. The room was heaving, sweat dripping from the ceiling packed out with eager ravers for the main event and Joy Orbison didnt disappoint playing a set crammed with old skool 2 step and upfront future garage the crowd didnt let up till the end;

Out to EFA for hosting and the sick set after!

Poirier/K.NERS/Sickman D/Dub Dave @ Start The Bus

Nice free gig coming up next week, been building up my UK Funky selection for this one, not sure of set times yet I'll post up when I know, if you head down, say hello :)