Wednesday, 26 January 2011

OPR8 Escape E.P/TRAP/Sickman D/Starkey

A new year, first month nearly gone... I've been busy working on lots of new music and saving the planet in my paid time.

OPR8 Escape E.P - Phuture Shock Musik

My first release of 2011 is due in March more details nearer the time;


[PSM002] OPR8 - 'Escape' EP - Forthcoming on Phuture Shock Musik

Following on from the Afro-Funky business of the first release on Phuture Shock Musik "Motherland" / "Shrunken Head" [PSM001] by Psyah, comes an exciting 3 tracker entitled "Escape" EP courtesy of OPR8.

Having built a name for himself within the local Dubstep circuit under the familiar guise of Sickman D, Bristol-based Dave Cotgrave unveils his latest side-project OPR8, which focuses on the deeper realms of Bass music and UK House.

Take Me Away - Escape E.P - Phuture Shock Musik by OPR8

Nosram - Escape E.P - Phuture Shock Musik by OPR8

Laziare - Escape E.P - Phuture Shock Musik by OPR8

Trap Magazine

Trap magazine dropped its second issue just before Christmas, copies should still be in shops and being handed out at raves across the nation. If you didn't catch a physical copy check out the website to view it online :)

Sickman D

A bit more shameless self promotion, I recently added a couple of new tunes to the Sickman D Soundcloud;

Number 73 by Sickman D

Atribute by Sickman D

Headrift by Sickman D

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Starkey - Space Traitor E.P - Civil Music

Review for TRAP Magazine of Starkeys latest two part LP/E.P release;

Following up the acclaimed 'Ear Drums and Black Holes' Starkey takes his 'street bass' sound to the avenues of the cosmos on a journey deep into the land of the Starkbot. Lead track'Robot hands'slides in with warm atmospherics peppered with synths till the onslaught of the pounding beats and bass reek havoc on your ears. The solemn mood of 'Playing with fire' is like a funeral march to the moon with skyscraping synths subsidsing to stripped down sections of deep bass and blips, epic. 'Holodeck' is bound to tear up a few systems and 'Paradise' is just that, so light and breezy its like your floating off in to the distance, accompanied by the distinctly lush vocals of Brighton's Anneka. 'Lenses' Is a jittering hi fidelity widescreen metoer storm of a tune and rounds of this glimpse into the world of the Starkbot, almost... The Cd version with the vinyl package delivers intersteller remixes from all corners of the known bass galaxy featuring the likes of UKfunky don Egyptrixx, ARP101(Alix Perez), Ital Tek, Rudi Zygadlo, Kaiser and +verb.