Friday, 10 December 2010

OPR8 MIX 002/Subdepth LP/Punch Drunk Music/Dubbed Out Bristol

OPR8 MIX 002

December already, this year has flown by.....

I've finally got round to doing a mix;


OPR8 MIX 2010 002 by OPR8

Kowton - Basic music knowledge
Roska - Sheppard
OPR8 - Lottery (instrumental)
Egyptrixx - The only way up
OPR8 - Take me Away
Mosca - Square One
Baobinga & DVA - This One's Wavey
Doc Daneeka - Dizzeeheights
Deadboy - If You Want Me
L-Vis 1990 - Compass
DVA - Step 2 Funk
Mr Mageeka - Different Lekstrix
Geiom - Suger Coated Lover
Hanuman - Bula (Atki2 Remix)
Monkey Steak - Haarlem Drift
Roska - Without It
Mr Huevo - Rejalate (Emvee mix)

Subdepth Records Volume 1

Already out on Beatport and Juno and soon to be pressed on CD, Subdepth delivers quality bass music by the bucketload with the labels first compilation LP, check out an insight here with the K Mag interview of Subdepths head honcho Prime;

Punch Drunk Music

With the demise of the legendary Rooted Records sadly on the cards the former manager and allround Bristol bass music guru Tom Ford has set up Punch Drunk Music, a fresh online alternative to the red fronted vinyl den on Gloucester Road.

Dubbed Out Bristol

I stumbled upon this the other night, hadn't seen it in a while thought I'd share it on here;


Sunday, 7 November 2010

Signal/Black Sun Empire/XXXY/Superisk


Catch me DJing next week at Signal with the rest of the Trap magazine kru;

Some old and new reviews;

Black Sun Empire - Lights and Wires

One of the first non UK acts to break big in DnB, BSE have been infecting the scene now since the early millenium with their brand of filthy face melting beats. Lights and wires is the trio's 4th LP and it covers a wider set of moods and tempos than previous outings without loosing the raw gritty techno edge that will always make them standout. Tracks like 'Fuzzball' and 'Black river bay' see them exploring psyched out electronica, 'The 405' and 'Wasteland' see them take on dubstep and royaly smash it a new one whilst DnB fans will not be left disappointed with tracks like 'Inspeak' and 'Fever' delivering the breakneck punches.

Guaranteed to satisfy the old fans and bound to win them some fresh ears 'Lights and Wires' is simply sick as CJD.

Pollen 002

XXXY - Rain/J.Sparrow Remix

Deep atmospheric future 2step/garage from Manchester based producer XXXY, hotly tipped since his appearance on Fabrics 'Elevator Music' this release serves to back up the hype. Searching sub bass and wistfull strings with a touch of dutchness wash and weave round the groove keeping it deep but dancefloor. Following recent releases on Tectonic Jack Sparrow brings a tougher edge to the remix but not loosing any atmosphere, tightening the beats and bass giving the track a more earnest feel.

With support from Shortstuff, Geiom and all the genre free crowd this latest 12 is essential wax from Pollen.

Punch Drunk - Superisk Find Your Way/Mensah Remix

Pushing boundaries as ever Punch Drunk deliver a new talent from the bristol underground in the form of Superisk. Probably one of the hardest working
DJ producers on the scene with his debut release he lands the grime anthem for the way post milenium. Eerie synths weave and sing the melody to set the scene for the onslaught of kick laden thundorous bass. In a neo classical style the infectious rhythm builds a hypntic groove, pizacota strings lighten the mood before you're being pounded again by the bass.

Backed up by a killer funky/bashment remix by Mensah makes for another buy on sight release from Punch Drunk.


Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Trap Magazine/Baobinga/Lorn/Guido

Its been a hectic last few months, got a few really good projects on the go and plenty of stuff coming to fruition.

Trap Magazine

This is where you will find a veritable multitude of interviews, features, pictures, artwork and reviews from the world of bass music culture and fashion. Its free and available all over the UK as of now check it out online here:

Here's the last few reviews I had published in Atmosphere Magazine;

Baobinga Riddem Team E.P

Mancunian bass taste maker Baobinga serves up lashings of Soca vibes and bashy beats with vocals from some of the U.K's toughest mic men. Lead track 'Wine up' is a summer party skanker featuring Killa Benz (Rodney P) in fine style, with sharp lyrics and a catchy hook sure to get the dance floor bubbling. Rubi Dan steps up on 'Raggipahop' a dark deep dancehall workout, hypnotic synths and smacking drums locked tight to the pounding bass. DnB legend Spyda adds his vocal talents on 'Chriss like HD' inviting everyone to come to his party, backed by a driving bashment riddem laden with crispy synths. French bashment don Poirier (Ninja tunes) drops a storming remix sure to fire up de dance.

LORN Nothing Else

The only member of Flying Lotus's Brainfeeder camp to not be an LA native speaks volumes for the young beatsmith, from 'the middle of nowhere in Illinois' the quality and intensity of his music could only find a home with the most forward thinking collective in US hip hop.

A bouncing organ riff bounds in like early 90's Prodigy , leading into 'None an Island' with its deep bass and neck snapping beats, the textured soundscapes weave around and intensify as the track rolls up. Haunting strings break into the regimenatry march of 'army of fear' reminisant of Portishead on crack with its wailing theramin, pounding bass and crashing cymbals. Brutal and unrelenting the album pounds the senses with a soundtrack of intense noise and glitch set to a tough raw backbeat. The heart stopping sizzling bass and synths in 'Void I' and 'Void II' with its space in between leave you a brief respite before the dark journey continues and the melodies sing out the mellon collie.

As with a lot of the modern crop of wonked hip hop the tracks are quite brief, but dont leave you feeling sold short as the mood is so stark often 2 minutes odd is all you need to get the picture LORN is painting. The catchy melody riding a wash the arpeggio in 'Glass & SIlver' possibly the lightest moment on the album, still cant lift the mood to anywhere near happiness more an uneasy relief to the darkness of the rest of the album.
'Cherry Moon' bursts in with an orchestral movement of epic proportions, the lazy groove bumping along punctuated by the rippling bass giving the track a really unsettling feel. Final track 'What's the use' fuses gutter bass and shuffling broken beats with searing square waves smothered by hammond organ. With the only vocals on the album, suitably layered and lost in reverb LORN ask's'What's the Use'you can feel the mans pain laid bare in these tracks, hopefully he can find some peace now this music is unleashed on the world.

Guido Anidea

Since dropping the seminal 'Orchestral Lab' on Punch Drunk in early 2009 Guido has rapidly risen out of the rich Bristol musical tapestry to join the ranks of the leading lights in bass music. Harnesing influences from garage, hiphop and grime with soundsytem sensibilites Anidea is seeping with melodies, grinding beats and sub bass. Lead track 'Anidea' sets the mood with its almost trip hop feel reminiscant of Tricky and Knightmares on Wax, the lush textures and timbres blend in unison as the central riff switches from synths, keys and guitars, backed by horns and flurries of arppegiation.

'Orchestral Lab' never looses its freshness and translates even better in digital form, the sheer musicality and depth of the arrangment never fail to shine as the different musical elements seemlessly wrap round each other, cracked on by the drums and searching bass.The anthemic 'cat in the window', fuses plucked strings with phasing synth lines and horns. Relentless bassline, kicks and faceslapping claps roll into an uplifting and intoxicating sonic landscape. 'Mad sax' smacks in on an epic g funk soul groove, the smooth sax lines only letting up for the odd breath and vocal touches.
The reworked 'Way you make me Feel' Featuring Bristol soul queen Yolanda is taken into a new dimension, the attention to detail and muscianship shine through transforming the deep instramental track into an intense driving love song. The dub fueled swagger of 'Tango' recently vocaled by the talents of Central Spillz, with its infectious bassline , piano skanks and neck snapping beats has been causing damadge on dancefloors for a while now and gets a welcome inclusion on the vinyl version to.

Like all the best albums the final secret track is untitled its a deep journey into synthesis thats both sublime and epic, kept rolling by the steppa dub bassline, perfectly augmented by the sharp kicks, claps and percussion. Guido has crafted his own niche in the dubstep world, with his unique sound fusing symphonic grime, krunk drums and dub heavy bass. Anidea firmly engrains this ethos binding a futuristic vision, rooted in now.

I will endeavour to update this blog on a more regular basis, any comments on any content appreciated :)


Sunday, 18 July 2010


Been a while so a fair bit to catch up on... Here's a mix I put up a few weeks back, a second dose of illness and this ones grimey.



New E.P coming out soon on Subdepth, check out the previews on Souncloud, big up Prime and all the Subdepth kru!

Sub Depth E.P previews by SickMan D


Review for ATM of the recent Virus Syndicate LP which bought together E.P's, singles and fresh tunes from the Manchester grime syndicate.

Virus Syndicate - The Breakout Trilogy

The explosive grime collective from Manchester made up of producer MRK1, MC's Goldfinger, JSD and Nika D unleash a compilation of the recent contagious releases from their Breakout Trilogy.Lead track 'For the music' combines jilting grime melodies, snarling LFO bass, piano skanks and hard hitting rhymes with an infectious hook you'll be humming for days. Standout track 'Bitch' calls out all the haters, a no holds barred barrage of cusses set to soundtrack of neck snapping beats and bass, a tribute to all the chiefs on road, classic material no messing.The bashy sensabilites of 'Hijack' gets you bouncing with the twilight zone samples, razer bass, gun shot and bleeps the perfect backdrop to the sick flows and crys of 'Fe fi fo fum' 'Crazy' the perfect ode to the fairer sex, detuned lazer bass stabs the pounding beat laced with bubbling synths and raygun blasts, the lyrics spell out the age old problem with a dynamic thats so on point 'Mars venus vagina penis/understand theres miles between us' A slightly ligher edge to 'Bring the fire' smashes breakbeats, synth hits and sirens with singalong hooks and ryhmes into a head nodding groove with a real summertime feel. MRK1's drugstep anthem 'Talk to Frank' increase's its impact in this reworked form smacking the message home, what ever you take from the lyrics. A slightly bizzare choice of sample in Reel 2 Reels'Move it'could have been over cheesy but when it drops it all makes sense, dubstep wobble and 1/2 step beats, blessed with lyrical swagger form into a dancefloor smash sure to spread the virus.
With many producers and MC's taking grime to the mainstream its refreshing to hear a no bullshit LP of original riddims with flows so tight and cutting it leaves the flock standing.


Two lads from Austria who deal in deep dub techno garage, I will one day do a mix of all the tunes they've sent me...

El Rakkas - Extremely Cheap and Effective E.P

Dubsquare 004

With their recent 12 on Lo dubs being remixed by LV and XI the Austrian duo are back on local label Dubsquare pushing the deeper edge of dubstep.'Extremey Cheap and Effective' with its unrelenting rhythm synocpated with distant bleeps and stabs is a heads down bubbler, minimal and progressive in the same breath. Techno maestro Franz Pomassl makes a rare appearance on remix duties adding tension and drama brimming with analog warmth and searching bass. With a 2 step swing to get your head rolling 'Done Already'is techno infused future garage on tip of its own while 2nd B side 'Interference' takes you back down deeper on a sea of bass.


DSQ-004 (forthcoming) by dubsquare


Monday, 10 May 2010

New vids/Crazylegs/Poirier @ Start The Bus

OPR8 - Vacume//Sub Space Vol II

So I've chucked together some random footage to go up on you tube again for my last mix - Subspace Vol II and for the OPR8 track 'Vacume' which is still available to download from FOO Magazine, link below on the blog..

Have a watch if you've got a minute, any comments appreciated :)

Crazylegs - Joy Orbison/Peverelist/Swindle/EFA

After the fail at Crash Mansion, which was fun to test out some tunes and meet Braiden and Synamatix made my way to Crazylegs which was proper rammed, one in one out biznis. Caught up with lots of people and sweated out to some sick music, they really should sort out the air con in there though, all about the front fan crew..

Only caught the last couple of Swindle heard he smacked it, Peverelist took charge and commanded the dance floor with deep subby rollers and smooth bangers playing a lot of future sounds, with tight mixing as ever and raising the roof with 'Roll with the Punches'. The room was heaving, sweat dripping from the ceiling packed out with eager ravers for the main event and Joy Orbison didnt disappoint playing a set crammed with old skool 2 step and upfront future garage the crowd didnt let up till the end;

Out to EFA for hosting and the sick set after!

Poirier/K.NERS/Sickman D/Dub Dave @ Start The Bus

Nice free gig coming up next week, been building up my UK Funky selection for this one, not sure of set times yet I'll post up when I know, if you head down, say hello :)



Sunday, 25 April 2010

OPR8 FOO/Ruckspin/Swarms

OPR8 - FOO Magazine Free tune and mix

I've launched this week a new deepish outlet for my music OPR8 and the good people at FOO Magazine have marked this by hosting my mix and giving away the tune 'Vacume'

Check out the rest of the site for video's of recent events, details on local producers and musicians with loads more mixes and free tune to download as well.

Ruckspin - Get Naked

This tunes been on repeat for a while proper good in the sunshine, out now on the excellent Ranking Records;


Swarms have been hard at work in the studio crafting more of the deep ambient sounds that first caught my ear. After the runaway success of 'I gave you everything' on For The Win they backed it up with an equally deep and haunting EP on Subdepth Records, with more releases in the pipeline and even talk of an album expect a lot more from Swarms.

SUBDDIGI010 Swarms - Hypnotise / Separate Sense / Your Words / Skynet / Skynet (Wachs Lyrical Remix)bysubdepthrecords


Friday, 9 April 2010

Ikonika/Chavalaf - Mr Woodnote/Sunshine

Ikonika - Contact, Love, Want, Have

My review for Atmosphere of Ikonika's LP released this week, here it is in all its pre subbed glory;

A drummer in Hardcore bands in her youth ikonika always aspired to becoming a DJ/producer, finding from an early age a natural affinity with beats. Her effort and determination led to Kode 9 caining her track 'Please' and signing it to his seminal Hyperdub imprint. Her trademark twisted bleep heavy sound, like she twisted the guts out of a Commadore 64, is all set to the backdrop of deep haunting bass and raw bit crunched beats.

In fitting with the Hyperdub ethos of dark challenging music 'Contact, love, want, have' is an often uncompramising ode to computer music. Intro track ikonoklast bursts in with rays of blips and vibrato, leading abrubtly into 'Idiot' a track thats been blowing up dancefloors with its stuttered riffs and harmonies singing high over the raw soca infused beats. Frantic chords ebb and weave over the almost techno like deep funky groove on recent single 'Fish' with its abstract melodies and hard edged drums building to triumphant end. A wash with arabic motif's and searing synth harmonies,'Sahara Michael' shifts through moods, bright dischordant stabs play contrast to the rich harmonies,as the the stark opposing themes keep you uneasy.
'Continue' brings deep popping 808's and G -Funk swagger set off by soulful vocals, with a loose boom bap feel switching up to a 4/4 cresendo which cries out for an extended mix. On 'Psoriasis'the scattered funky beats lock to form a tight groove as the infectious hook lifts and wails, then the bassline bounces in. A sure fire dancefloor tune while still maintianing a sense of depth and integrity. As the ever emerging funky scene starts to blow Ikonika is firmly set on the cutting edge, her forward thinking soundscapes projecting her deep into the future. Her unique sonic vision is like a rave in some distant galaxy and this album draws it together seamlessly, painting patterns in your mind.

Chavalaf - Mr Woodnote & Lil' Rhys

With the most bass I've heard at Blue Mountain the lads played a wicked set playing a lot of new material from the forthcoming LP which is shaping up nicely in a basement in Bristol.

Some pics of the night up here, from Emma catlady -


Yes the sun is shining, I'm off out to enjoy it :)


Sunday, 28 March 2010

New Mix - Subspace Vol II

SicKMan D - Subspace Vol II

New mix of intergalactic cuts;

SiCkMan D - Subspace Vol II by SickMan D

Still got the OPR8 mix to post, decided to make another one first :)


Saturday, 27 March 2010

New mixtape(nearly)/Jams/Furious 5 & Kurtis Blow

New Mixtape

I finished off a mixtape last night for my new project OPR8, took me a while and I cant post it yet, just wanted to vent my happiness :)


I had a jam with a live band for the first time in months this week, a few hours of furious fretboard finger work was just what I needed, I still got the funk! Might have a gig lined up already, its good to get back into the live thing DJing is great but never the same as playing a proper instrument. I've also got a project on the go with Vertabrae - Awkward Ben-One and Rogue which is gonna be a more post punk b'boy type affair MPC's, scratching, synths, bass and rap.

Kurtis Blow & The Furious 5

Many thanks to all at Weapon of Choice for bringing the Hiphop legends that are Kurtis Blow and the Furious 5 to Bristol on Tuesday. On support were the local Furious 5 of Koast, Redskin, C-Strike-Z, Shadz and Mackie Skillz (with Superisk on selection)otherwise known as Central Spillz, who put on the best show I'vee seen from the lads for a while, in front of a not so appeciative early doors crowd, they warmed it up well for the main event. When you've got legends of this calibre though you cant help but show your appreciation and the crowd gave it their all in what was an absolute masterclass of showmanship and Hiphop. Every time Melle Mel asked 'Everybody screeeeam' they did, 'hands in the air' yep they werent many who didnt 'wave um around like you just dont care' and to be honest if you didnt you are a bit of a knob. Everytrack from 'Whitelines' to 'The breaks' performed in true style and with such an air of authenticity it felt privaledged to be there. My mate took some videos on his phone I wanted to put up so I may amend this post and people were taking snaps but I cant find an online yet, anyway it was the best way to celebrate handing my notice in :)


Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Peverelist Fact Mix/Starkey & Flying Lotus/Rodigan

Peverelist Fact Mix

Bristol bass stalwart, owner of Punch Drunk Records, revered dubstep producer, Rooted Records manager and all round nice guy Tom Ford, has finally done a mix for the highly respected Fact magazine. He has kept the tracklist a secret but there are a few tracks currently blowing up right now you can pick out including the forthcoming 'Foot Crab' on Swamp 81, download the mix here: Fact 132

Starkey & Flying Lotus - Colours @ Thekla

Took myself along to catch Starkey and finally see Flying Lotus live, well worth the effort outstanding music all round. If I had more time I'd do a proper a review, both of them have new albums out soon and if you can catch them live, do it!

Some excellent pictures from catlady up here ->

Here's a vid for Starkeys next single 'Stars' which he dropped on the night as well a couple of the B'sides which are outstanding to. He didnt play my personal favorite 'Millenia' which is simply epic, should be out pretty soon on Planet Mu.

Stars (feat. Anneka) by Starkey from Ben Curzon on Vimeo.

David Rodigan

My second night at the Thekla was all about the ram jam, David Rodigan who is a living legend a true hero of the reggae and dancehall world. His dubs are ridiculous pretty much every jamaican star since the late '70's has done him an exclusive dubplate, which he plays with much revelry and a clear sense of pride.

Here's a couple of clips;


Sunday, 7 March 2010

Wascal/Chavalaf/Big Bailey Fail

Wascal 'Attention Defecit EP' Rocstar Records

Bristol based Wascal has been consistently putting out quality tunes for a couple of years now and his latest release for Cut la roc's Rocstar Records ups the bar again.
The 4 tracks show the depth and variety of Wascal's sound, from acoustic jungle, to funk, to garage, to dubstep and old skool the musicality and broad spectrum of referances shine through. Buy it at Juno, or the full release is out today!

Chavalaf "Take 2" 03/04/10 @ Blue Mountain

After the first Chavalaf sadly got canceled on the temporary closure of The Black Swan the Avalaf crew are having another stab, this time at Blue Mountain.

Big Bailey Fail

Sound byte from the Red Bull recent soundclash in London of Bailey getting rinsed by DMZ's Sgt Pokes! Bristol's very own Dirt soundsystem provided the bassweight for the DMZ crew and should have won..

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Breakage Album/Haiti Fundraiser @ Lakota

Breakage - Foundation LP

The new LP from Breakage set to be out soon is a masterpiece, moving through many different aspects of Bass music with a style and presence that cant be matched. There is a few words on it here ->
Soundboy have kept this LP unwraps for too long, watch out for the colabs with Donae'o, Kano and Burial among others, but really you cant skip a track.

Here's the vid for recent single 'Hard' featuring Newham Generals;

Haiti Fundraiser - Lakota 6th March

Just to let you know I'm playing a DnB set Vs Filgoat in support of the Oxfam fund for Haiti on the 6th March.

I'm also playing on Passion Radio tonight maybe and at Motion on the weekend with Triple Fiya!! :)


Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Kryptic Minds Free Tune, Donae'o Live Lounge 1Xtra

Kryptic Minds - Torn

Kryptic minds have been very generous in giving this track out free which did make the recent huge album 'One Of Us'

To give you more of an idea of there sound if you havent cecked them before here's a mix they did last month of a load of there own tunes, check it:

Kryptic Minds - One Of Us - Swamp81
Kryptic Minds - Dissolved - Swamp81
Kryptic Minds - Hybrid - Osiris Music
Kryptic Minds - Wasteland - Osiris Music
Kryptic Minds - The Talisman - Osiris Music
Kryptic Minds - Just After Sunset - Osiris Music
Kryptic Minds - Acid Rain - Osiris Music
Kryptic Minds - Black Magic - Osiris Music
Kryptic Minds - The Passing - Osiris Music
Kryptic Minds - Chosen Few - Swamp81
Kryptic Minds - Solidworks - Osiris Music
Kryptic Minds & Youngsta - Cold Blooded - Osiris Music
Kryptic Minds - Badman - Swamp81
Kryptic Minds - Transendant - Osiris Music
Kryptic Minds - Extinct - Osiris Music
Pinch & Moving Ninja - False Flag (Kryptic Minds Mix) - Tectonic


Cant stop playing 'Riot Music' at the minute the Shy Fx mix and the Skream remix is even sicker! Big things this year, he's just did a live lounge on 1Xtra yesterday check it out here, about 1:43 in ->

Monday, 15 February 2010

Martyn - Fabric 50, Reso - Temjin EP Reviews

Martyn Fabric 50

Here's a review I did of Martyn's recent Fabric 50 mix;

As the Fabric mix series reaches it landmark 50th release it see's Dutch deep bass meester Martyn at the helm mixing a selection of his key tracks of the moment. Trancending borders and genres Fabric 50 is a unique insight from someone at the very cutting edge of the global bass movement, often tagged as 'Martyn Music' he melds genre's and timbres with one core vibe, bass.
Delving in to Hiphop through funky to the gutter jungle of Zomby the mixing is fast and fluid before you know it you find yourself submerged in minimal techno and deep into house. Martyns unique take on The Detachments track Circles catches you midway, the ska punk vocal an unusual partner to the broken house groove but accomplished with style offers yet another angle to the sound.
Future garage and funky beats 2 step their way through different shades, till swathes of noise and glich subside to dub techno. Jan Drivers 'Rat Alert' rips you up at the end to land you in the seminal 'Triligual Dance Sexperince' from young virtuso producer Dorian Concept.Martyn is an artist who moves with the times and in the age of no genre is immersed deep in the electronic music explorations of now.

" I just think it's interesting to show people how diverse music can be, if you make an effort and play a variety of things, some house alongside dubstep or instrumental hip hop. For me Fabric 50 is sort of a temporary moment in time rather than a definitive Martyn mix, because I have been gigging so much over the past year, my sound has gradually moved a little bit more to straight up house and techno related music"

RESO Temjin E.P

Few releases have been as eagerly awaited as RESO's Temjin E.P over the last few months, with a live show known for its intensity RESO doesn't hold back on the buttons either. Lead track 'Octacon' builds then bursts into showers of razor edged bass punctuated by heavy metal drums and shards of synth.' Armoured Core' brings a new tide of filth while 'Hemisphere' offers a lighter mood but with equal brooding intensity. Lurching into the protowonk sounds of 'Hyperglide' with its glistening riffs, drums and basslines blazing in equal measure, no wonder its already making waves in San Francisco. The grainy broken house vibes on 'Channel Pressure' fuse a funky walking bassriff amid pads, swells and crispy leads till it almost takes on a disco feel. Closing track 'mind Games' brings yet another tempo whilst retaining the fluidity, RESO's dark minimal drumfunk grinds, lifts and morphs into a seething flurry of beats and resonant bass to the dramatic crescendo drum assault.


Friday, 12 February 2010 Dub Fyah Mix/30

Hooked up with and joined the all things Dubwise Bristol collective and laid down a mix on the Dub side of tings :)
A few Triple Fyah exclusives in there currently getting support from Rob Smith and Andy Scholes, enjoy;

Sickman D - Dub Fyah Mix for Com64: Feb 2010 by COM64

EL Rakkas - I & I - Lo Dubs
Digital Mystikz - Wait - Soul Jazz
Cay's Crays - Digital Mystikz Version - Kartel
RSD - Forward Youth - Tectonic
RSD - Jah Way - Punch Drunk
Mungo's HiFi - Dubplate fi Dem - Scrub a Dub
Sream - Pass The Red Stripe - Soul Jazz
Max Romeo - Captain of my Ship - Trple Fyah Dub
Digital Mystikz - Earth a Run Red -Soul Jazz
Triple Fyah - Operator - Dub
Liquid wicked - The Govener - Scrub a Dub
RSD - On Deck - R8 Records
Cotti Ft Doctor - Rise The Temperature - MTA
Digital Mystikz - Thief in The Night - Soul Jazz
Tenor Saw - Ring the Alarm - Dubstep Refix
Flux Pavilion - Nigt Goes On - Circus Records
>> RSD - Kingfisher - Earwax
Cotti - Nah Go Dung Deh - Aquatic Lab
Rossi B & Luca - Don't Cry Soundbwoy - Heavy Artilery
Triple Fyah - Circumstances Demix - Dub

I turned 30 yesterday, dont feel any different apart from the achievement I've made it this far :)

Friday, 5 February 2010

Epiphany Vs Rub a Dub @ LAB Tonight!!!

Would be good if you could make it I'm playing early 12-1 :P

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Emalkay Vid, Scuba news, Fused Forces Mix

Emalkay - Video Interview

Props to for this;

'Dub Nation Video Blog Vol 2.0 features an interview and concert performance footage of “Birmingham’s finest”, Emalkay. In the featured interview, he discusses both the U.K. and U.S. dubstep scenes.'

Interview with him in this months Atmosphere as well :)

Scuba - Triangulation LP

Looking forward to this dropping in late March out to FACT always bringing the good news, first!


Fused Forces have been putting out tunes at a stupid rate over the last couple years and here's a selection of the Essex boys latest dubs, releases and remixs.


1. Fused Forces - No Reality (Forthcoming Police In Helicopter).
2. Fused Forces - Chemical Reaction (Dub).
3. Fused Forces - K-Hole (Forthcoming Substance Abuse).
4. Fused Forces feat Riko - Ease Off (Dub).
5. Fused Forces - Earthquake (Dub).
6. Fused Forces & Dj Cable - Law Man (Dub).
7. Roommate & The Bassist - Rub A Dub "Fused Forces Remix" (Dub).
8. Fused Forces - Back Fire (Substance Abuse 003).
9. Fused Forces - KetalHead. (Dub).
10. Afterdark - Torment Dement "Fused Forces Remix" (Dub).
11. M2J - Silent Running "Fused Forces Remix" (Dub).
12. Fused Fused - Life Cycle (Forthcoming Substance Abuse).
13. Fused Fused - Yeah Yeah (Dub).
14. Fused Forces - Subway (Dub).
15. Fused Forces - Who U Dealing With (Forthcoming Substance Abuse).
16. Fused Forces - Immoral (Dub).
17. Fused Forces feat Sdot - Angry (Dub).
18. Fused Forces - Henry (Dub).
19. Fused Forces - Mole Gripz (Dub).
20. Fused Forces - Gentlemens Jacks (Dubs).
21. Fused Forces - Body Farm (Dub).
22. Matt Green - Black Forest "Fused Forces Remix" (Forthcoming Base.Corrupt).
23. Fused Forces - Disjointed (Forthcoming Substance Abuse).
24. Fused Forces - Dirt Fist (Dub).

D/L ->


Monday, 1 February 2010

Soul Motive, Sunglasses - Whiplash, Forensics Freeness

Superb Bristol label 'Soul Motive' have just put up a mix of new and old stuff, built by the excellent Forsaken;

01. julio bashmore - around - (soul motive)
02. el-b - son di cali - (soul motive)
03. geiom - luna - (soul motive)
04. hyetal - neon speech - (soul motive)
05. julio bashmore - batak groove - (soul motive)
06. headhunter - luvdup - (soul motive)
07. ? - jump remix - (sm white)
08. trg - move dis - (soul motive)
09. phaelah and vvv - reconcile - (soul motive)
10. sharmaji - break your heart - (soul motive)
11. coleco - breathwork - (soul motive)
12. eleven tigers - stableface - (soul motive)
13. ? - secrets - (sm white)
14. forsaken - into the sunset - (soul motive)

Sunglasses - Whiplash

Tongue firmly in cheek, found this pretty amusing and a wicked video, check his other stuff to as MNUVR -> Http://

Forensics - Free remix's - poached from DSF

A Bridge Far Away - Killerbees remixes

01 : This One remix
02 : Be-1ne remix
03 : Fused Forces remix

Available on (in the blog)

'Killerbees' is taken from the first ABFA album ('Enchanted'), out now on Methodology Recordings. A second album ('Reverence') drops 05/04/2010. Other Methodology releases are in the pipeline from Dusk Ensemble, This One & many others.... For more info visit


Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Central Spillz - Unknown Number

Just put up the other day a brilliant video from Central Spillz - Unkown Number a cheeky rework of the Busy Signal tune - Video from leading Bristol multimedia moguls Five On One, enjoy :)

Look out for the recent interview with the full crew in Atmosphere (ATM) magazine available now from all good newsagents and record shops.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Mixcloud Bloc comp, Smith and Mighty, Chase and Status, King Cannibal

First off I've put my Illness mix into a competion to win a set at Bloc weekend hasnt been up long and already getting plays, if you get a sec :)

Smith and Mighty

I have to mention this tune just been re-released on Punch Drunk Unearthed;

Big up to Peverelist and Smith and Mighty, been after this for years!

Pick up a copy from Rooted Records

Chase and Status

ATM review from last year, I just dug out;

Chase and Status - A - Against All Odds - feat Kano
AA - Saxon

The second 12" from 'More Than Alot' brings Kano with the fire over a funky slice of old skool flava Hiphop.
Horns, breaks, fills and Soul brim from this surefire crossover hit, which should boost Chase & Status further into the limelight.

'Saxon' creeps in with a call to arms, as trademark deep razor wobbles rip in at the senses then break, contort, filter and spit you out.
The half step beat grinds on with a relentless swagger, with enough groove to keep the dance skanking.
A really diverse record for RAM this release should bring it more widespread attention.

King Cannibal

One of my top albums of last year, blinding;

King Cannibal - Let The Night Roar

Clinical and abrassive in the delivery 'Let the night roar' Is a beamoth of an album concoted in the brain of Dylan Richards and manifested by King Cannibal. Dance floor slayer 'Aragami Style' rips into high octane edits puncturing the seering reece lines, as the mentasms rise a top the cacophoney of dirt and noise. To all strips back to reveal a few moments of unsettling clarity only to surge you back, even deeper into the abyss.Varying stylistically whilst maintaing a core theme, each track unfolds like a dark avenue as elemnts roll and weave from one passage to the next, to the point where you cant quite remember where you began.
Daddy Freddy brings a fearsome delivery to 'Dirt' the legendary Trenchtown MC tears swathes out the ether, laced with detuned harmonies deep in reverb as the horror dancehall soundtrack cracks your neck with every snarl and kick.
The cinematic intro to 'Colder Still' draws you in ever closer to verocity of the drop and bursts with a groove so vicious and incesant its frankly disturbing.
With some serious nods to the darker headz of Dubstep, DnB and Dancehall, King Cannibal puts his own unique masochistic twist to the template.
For such an enigmtaic album to be on a label as revered as Ninja tune is so fitting, a teastement to the albums strength as a raw, brutal, haunting and powerful piece of music.



Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Put up a mash up video for my last mix, after I could finally export it... Enjoy :)

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Elemental - 'Messages from the Void' ATM Mag Review

I did this review for ATM magazines Nov/Dec 2009 issue;

Elemental - Messages From The Void

North Londoner Elemental is an integral part of the dubstep scene, his own Runtime imprint put out some cornerstone tunes that paved the way for the dubstep sound. Taken as a whole 'Messages from the void' is like a musical timeline, the 2 discs span a career of over 7 years of producing on this dark garage flex.

More often deep and analogue Elemental's soundscape is industrial yet retains an organic air, thoundarous syncopated bass underpinning the tight funk groove, as evolving pads and synths create harmonic textures to meld the music together.

The progressive 'Waterworks' is an afirm expression of the ethos, spell binding bleeps and glitch list and gyrate around the firm back beat of dirty house bass and garage swagger.

Head nodder 'Deep Chord' sinks you in then picks you up on blissed out dutch bubbling vibes, as subtle vocals reach out like fresh air, whisperering direction to the arepeggios and filtered synth riffs. On point touches of jazz on the Photek influenced 'Margic Harp' absorb you as the melodies drift and crackle over warm strings, the 2step shuffle making you sway to the grip of the bass.

The mad fresh digidub of 'Speak Dub' is a standout track, as much a statement of modern bass music as lesson in dub values. Elementals production crazes as it shines, chords wash and weave round the relentless bassline, as the loose steppa grooveshuffles your bones.

Closing cut T-Bar is perhaps the most poinant message from the void in that it shows how open and expressive the dark garage sound is in 2009.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Mr Woodnote

Mr Woodnote is Australian sax player Mikey Melican who came to the UK in 2007 and immersed himself into the jazz world playing at clubs and jams in London and making a name for himself on the scene. It wasn't till a stop in Bristol carried on a bit a longer that led to a couple of improvised gigs with Dub FX and Mr Woodnote opened his woodshed.

Initially Woodnote hit the streets with Dub FX and Flower Fairy jamming out song ideas, every night laying down parts which would form the two albums: Everythinks a Ripple and Winter of Woodshed. After the albums launched on their CONVOYUNLTD label they toured the world busking and playing at festivals throughout the summer, also scooping 1st (Dub FX) and 2nd (Woodnote) in the Roland Boss Loopstation Championships in London.

Winter of Woodshed collaborators the Bonobos Hobos - Lil Rhys and MC Idle joined Woodnote for various shows and also on his recent Russian and Eastern European tours.

Using his voice to beat box, make basslines and synths combined with his skills on the saxophone and flute, Woodnote brings it live in the truest sense.

Anyway here's some videos, the Woodstock one went out live on MTV Europe and the Flow video has had a couple of million views,

Mr Woodnote is now back in the UK and Dub FX is still touring Europe and Russia, expect to see them at a few festivals this year with new albums being laid down in the summer, it should be big things for all involved in 2010!


Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Signal - 29th Jan Cyantific/Vicious Circle/Serum/Triple Fyah Sound

Debut show for new project - Triple Fyah Sound - with DJ Rogue and Jon Ethics, focusing firmly on the dance floor keeping the dubwise vibes rollin. Dub, Reggae, Bashment, Dancehall, Dubstep, Jungle, DnB, Hip hop, prime cuts to move butts.

Were gettin the set together and the selection is heavy so far, got lots of avenues planned, this is the start of the sound.

Monday, 4 January 2010



A new year, a new mix took me a while to get one of the track names, some proper upfront stuff from Screwloose Recordings.

Big respect to all contributers, any feedback appreciated :)

Download -