Monday, 15 February 2010

Martyn - Fabric 50, Reso - Temjin EP Reviews

Martyn Fabric 50

Here's a review I did of Martyn's recent Fabric 50 mix;

As the Fabric mix series reaches it landmark 50th release it see's Dutch deep bass meester Martyn at the helm mixing a selection of his key tracks of the moment. Trancending borders and genres Fabric 50 is a unique insight from someone at the very cutting edge of the global bass movement, often tagged as 'Martyn Music' he melds genre's and timbres with one core vibe, bass.
Delving in to Hiphop through funky to the gutter jungle of Zomby the mixing is fast and fluid before you know it you find yourself submerged in minimal techno and deep into house. Martyns unique take on The Detachments track Circles catches you midway, the ska punk vocal an unusual partner to the broken house groove but accomplished with style offers yet another angle to the sound.
Future garage and funky beats 2 step their way through different shades, till swathes of noise and glich subside to dub techno. Jan Drivers 'Rat Alert' rips you up at the end to land you in the seminal 'Triligual Dance Sexperince' from young virtuso producer Dorian Concept.Martyn is an artist who moves with the times and in the age of no genre is immersed deep in the electronic music explorations of now.

" I just think it's interesting to show people how diverse music can be, if you make an effort and play a variety of things, some house alongside dubstep or instrumental hip hop. For me Fabric 50 is sort of a temporary moment in time rather than a definitive Martyn mix, because I have been gigging so much over the past year, my sound has gradually moved a little bit more to straight up house and techno related music"

RESO Temjin E.P

Few releases have been as eagerly awaited as RESO's Temjin E.P over the last few months, with a live show known for its intensity RESO doesn't hold back on the buttons either. Lead track 'Octacon' builds then bursts into showers of razor edged bass punctuated by heavy metal drums and shards of synth.' Armoured Core' brings a new tide of filth while 'Hemisphere' offers a lighter mood but with equal brooding intensity. Lurching into the protowonk sounds of 'Hyperglide' with its glistening riffs, drums and basslines blazing in equal measure, no wonder its already making waves in San Francisco. The grainy broken house vibes on 'Channel Pressure' fuse a funky walking bassriff amid pads, swells and crispy leads till it almost takes on a disco feel. Closing track 'mind Games' brings yet another tempo whilst retaining the fluidity, RESO's dark minimal drumfunk grinds, lifts and morphs into a seething flurry of beats and resonant bass to the dramatic crescendo drum assault.


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