Friday, 9 April 2010

Ikonika/Chavalaf - Mr Woodnote/Sunshine

Ikonika - Contact, Love, Want, Have

My review for Atmosphere of Ikonika's LP released this week, here it is in all its pre subbed glory;

A drummer in Hardcore bands in her youth ikonika always aspired to becoming a DJ/producer, finding from an early age a natural affinity with beats. Her effort and determination led to Kode 9 caining her track 'Please' and signing it to his seminal Hyperdub imprint. Her trademark twisted bleep heavy sound, like she twisted the guts out of a Commadore 64, is all set to the backdrop of deep haunting bass and raw bit crunched beats.

In fitting with the Hyperdub ethos of dark challenging music 'Contact, love, want, have' is an often uncompramising ode to computer music. Intro track ikonoklast bursts in with rays of blips and vibrato, leading abrubtly into 'Idiot' a track thats been blowing up dancefloors with its stuttered riffs and harmonies singing high over the raw soca infused beats. Frantic chords ebb and weave over the almost techno like deep funky groove on recent single 'Fish' with its abstract melodies and hard edged drums building to triumphant end. A wash with arabic motif's and searing synth harmonies,'Sahara Michael' shifts through moods, bright dischordant stabs play contrast to the rich harmonies,as the the stark opposing themes keep you uneasy.
'Continue' brings deep popping 808's and G -Funk swagger set off by soulful vocals, with a loose boom bap feel switching up to a 4/4 cresendo which cries out for an extended mix. On 'Psoriasis'the scattered funky beats lock to form a tight groove as the infectious hook lifts and wails, then the bassline bounces in. A sure fire dancefloor tune while still maintianing a sense of depth and integrity. As the ever emerging funky scene starts to blow Ikonika is firmly set on the cutting edge, her forward thinking soundscapes projecting her deep into the future. Her unique sonic vision is like a rave in some distant galaxy and this album draws it together seamlessly, painting patterns in your mind.

Chavalaf - Mr Woodnote & Lil' Rhys

With the most bass I've heard at Blue Mountain the lads played a wicked set playing a lot of new material from the forthcoming LP which is shaping up nicely in a basement in Bristol.

Some pics of the night up here, from Emma catlady -


Yes the sun is shining, I'm off out to enjoy it :)


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