Sunday, 18 July 2010


Been a while so a fair bit to catch up on... Here's a mix I put up a few weeks back, a second dose of illness and this ones grimey.



New E.P coming out soon on Subdepth, check out the previews on Souncloud, big up Prime and all the Subdepth kru!

Sub Depth E.P previews by SickMan D


Review for ATM of the recent Virus Syndicate LP which bought together E.P's, singles and fresh tunes from the Manchester grime syndicate.

Virus Syndicate - The Breakout Trilogy

The explosive grime collective from Manchester made up of producer MRK1, MC's Goldfinger, JSD and Nika D unleash a compilation of the recent contagious releases from their Breakout Trilogy.Lead track 'For the music' combines jilting grime melodies, snarling LFO bass, piano skanks and hard hitting rhymes with an infectious hook you'll be humming for days. Standout track 'Bitch' calls out all the haters, a no holds barred barrage of cusses set to soundtrack of neck snapping beats and bass, a tribute to all the chiefs on road, classic material no messing.The bashy sensabilites of 'Hijack' gets you bouncing with the twilight zone samples, razer bass, gun shot and bleeps the perfect backdrop to the sick flows and crys of 'Fe fi fo fum' 'Crazy' the perfect ode to the fairer sex, detuned lazer bass stabs the pounding beat laced with bubbling synths and raygun blasts, the lyrics spell out the age old problem with a dynamic thats so on point 'Mars venus vagina penis/understand theres miles between us' A slightly ligher edge to 'Bring the fire' smashes breakbeats, synth hits and sirens with singalong hooks and ryhmes into a head nodding groove with a real summertime feel. MRK1's drugstep anthem 'Talk to Frank' increase's its impact in this reworked form smacking the message home, what ever you take from the lyrics. A slightly bizzare choice of sample in Reel 2 Reels'Move it'could have been over cheesy but when it drops it all makes sense, dubstep wobble and 1/2 step beats, blessed with lyrical swagger form into a dancefloor smash sure to spread the virus.
With many producers and MC's taking grime to the mainstream its refreshing to hear a no bullshit LP of original riddims with flows so tight and cutting it leaves the flock standing.


Two lads from Austria who deal in deep dub techno garage, I will one day do a mix of all the tunes they've sent me...

El Rakkas - Extremely Cheap and Effective E.P

Dubsquare 004

With their recent 12 on Lo dubs being remixed by LV and XI the Austrian duo are back on local label Dubsquare pushing the deeper edge of dubstep.'Extremey Cheap and Effective' with its unrelenting rhythm synocpated with distant bleeps and stabs is a heads down bubbler, minimal and progressive in the same breath. Techno maestro Franz Pomassl makes a rare appearance on remix duties adding tension and drama brimming with analog warmth and searching bass. With a 2 step swing to get your head rolling 'Done Already'is techno infused future garage on tip of its own while 2nd B side 'Interference' takes you back down deeper on a sea of bass.


DSQ-004 (forthcoming) by dubsquare


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