Saturday, 27 March 2010

New mixtape(nearly)/Jams/Furious 5 & Kurtis Blow

New Mixtape

I finished off a mixtape last night for my new project OPR8, took me a while and I cant post it yet, just wanted to vent my happiness :)


I had a jam with a live band for the first time in months this week, a few hours of furious fretboard finger work was just what I needed, I still got the funk! Might have a gig lined up already, its good to get back into the live thing DJing is great but never the same as playing a proper instrument. I've also got a project on the go with Vertabrae - Awkward Ben-One and Rogue which is gonna be a more post punk b'boy type affair MPC's, scratching, synths, bass and rap.

Kurtis Blow & The Furious 5

Many thanks to all at Weapon of Choice for bringing the Hiphop legends that are Kurtis Blow and the Furious 5 to Bristol on Tuesday. On support were the local Furious 5 of Koast, Redskin, C-Strike-Z, Shadz and Mackie Skillz (with Superisk on selection)otherwise known as Central Spillz, who put on the best show I'vee seen from the lads for a while, in front of a not so appeciative early doors crowd, they warmed it up well for the main event. When you've got legends of this calibre though you cant help but show your appreciation and the crowd gave it their all in what was an absolute masterclass of showmanship and Hiphop. Every time Melle Mel asked 'Everybody screeeeam' they did, 'hands in the air' yep they werent many who didnt 'wave um around like you just dont care' and to be honest if you didnt you are a bit of a knob. Everytrack from 'Whitelines' to 'The breaks' performed in true style and with such an air of authenticity it felt privaledged to be there. My mate took some videos on his phone I wanted to put up so I may amend this post and people were taking snaps but I cant find an online yet, anyway it was the best way to celebrate handing my notice in :)


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