Sunday, 7 November 2010

Signal/Black Sun Empire/XXXY/Superisk


Catch me DJing next week at Signal with the rest of the Trap magazine kru;

Some old and new reviews;

Black Sun Empire - Lights and Wires

One of the first non UK acts to break big in DnB, BSE have been infecting the scene now since the early millenium with their brand of filthy face melting beats. Lights and wires is the trio's 4th LP and it covers a wider set of moods and tempos than previous outings without loosing the raw gritty techno edge that will always make them standout. Tracks like 'Fuzzball' and 'Black river bay' see them exploring psyched out electronica, 'The 405' and 'Wasteland' see them take on dubstep and royaly smash it a new one whilst DnB fans will not be left disappointed with tracks like 'Inspeak' and 'Fever' delivering the breakneck punches.

Guaranteed to satisfy the old fans and bound to win them some fresh ears 'Lights and Wires' is simply sick as CJD.

Pollen 002

XXXY - Rain/J.Sparrow Remix

Deep atmospheric future 2step/garage from Manchester based producer XXXY, hotly tipped since his appearance on Fabrics 'Elevator Music' this release serves to back up the hype. Searching sub bass and wistfull strings with a touch of dutchness wash and weave round the groove keeping it deep but dancefloor. Following recent releases on Tectonic Jack Sparrow brings a tougher edge to the remix but not loosing any atmosphere, tightening the beats and bass giving the track a more earnest feel.

With support from Shortstuff, Geiom and all the genre free crowd this latest 12 is essential wax from Pollen.

Punch Drunk - Superisk Find Your Way/Mensah Remix

Pushing boundaries as ever Punch Drunk deliver a new talent from the bristol underground in the form of Superisk. Probably one of the hardest working
DJ producers on the scene with his debut release he lands the grime anthem for the way post milenium. Eerie synths weave and sing the melody to set the scene for the onslaught of kick laden thundorous bass. In a neo classical style the infectious rhythm builds a hypntic groove, pizacota strings lighten the mood before you're being pounded again by the bass.

Backed up by a killer funky/bashment remix by Mensah makes for another buy on sight release from Punch Drunk.


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