Friday, 10 December 2010

OPR8 MIX 002/Subdepth LP/Punch Drunk Music/Dubbed Out Bristol

OPR8 MIX 002

December already, this year has flown by.....

I've finally got round to doing a mix;


OPR8 MIX 2010 002 by OPR8

Kowton - Basic music knowledge
Roska - Sheppard
OPR8 - Lottery (instrumental)
Egyptrixx - The only way up
OPR8 - Take me Away
Mosca - Square One
Baobinga & DVA - This One's Wavey
Doc Daneeka - Dizzeeheights
Deadboy - If You Want Me
L-Vis 1990 - Compass
DVA - Step 2 Funk
Mr Mageeka - Different Lekstrix
Geiom - Suger Coated Lover
Hanuman - Bula (Atki2 Remix)
Monkey Steak - Haarlem Drift
Roska - Without It
Mr Huevo - Rejalate (Emvee mix)

Subdepth Records Volume 1

Already out on Beatport and Juno and soon to be pressed on CD, Subdepth delivers quality bass music by the bucketload with the labels first compilation LP, check out an insight here with the K Mag interview of Subdepths head honcho Prime;

Punch Drunk Music

With the demise of the legendary Rooted Records sadly on the cards the former manager and allround Bristol bass music guru Tom Ford has set up Punch Drunk Music, a fresh online alternative to the red fronted vinyl den on Gloucester Road.

Dubbed Out Bristol

I stumbled upon this the other night, hadn't seen it in a while thought I'd share it on here;


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