Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Elemental - 'Messages from the Void' ATM Mag Review

I did this review for ATM magazines Nov/Dec 2009 issue;

Elemental - Messages From The Void

North Londoner Elemental is an integral part of the dubstep scene, his own Runtime imprint put out some cornerstone tunes that paved the way for the dubstep sound. Taken as a whole 'Messages from the void' is like a musical timeline, the 2 discs span a career of over 7 years of producing on this dark garage flex.

More often deep and analogue Elemental's soundscape is industrial yet retains an organic air, thoundarous syncopated bass underpinning the tight funk groove, as evolving pads and synths create harmonic textures to meld the music together.

The progressive 'Waterworks' is an afirm expression of the ethos, spell binding bleeps and glitch list and gyrate around the firm back beat of dirty house bass and garage swagger.

Head nodder 'Deep Chord' sinks you in then picks you up on blissed out dutch bubbling vibes, as subtle vocals reach out like fresh air, whisperering direction to the arepeggios and filtered synth riffs. On point touches of jazz on the Photek influenced 'Margic Harp' absorb you as the melodies drift and crackle over warm strings, the 2step shuffle making you sway to the grip of the bass.

The mad fresh digidub of 'Speak Dub' is a standout track, as much a statement of modern bass music as lesson in dub values. Elementals production crazes as it shines, chords wash and weave round the relentless bassline, as the loose steppa grooveshuffles your bones.

Closing cut T-Bar is perhaps the most poinant message from the void in that it shows how open and expressive the dark garage sound is in 2009.



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