Saturday, 16 January 2010

Mixcloud Bloc comp, Smith and Mighty, Chase and Status, King Cannibal

First off I've put my Illness mix into a competion to win a set at Bloc weekend hasnt been up long and already getting plays, if you get a sec :)

Smith and Mighty

I have to mention this tune just been re-released on Punch Drunk Unearthed;

Big up to Peverelist and Smith and Mighty, been after this for years!

Pick up a copy from Rooted Records

Chase and Status

ATM review from last year, I just dug out;

Chase and Status - A - Against All Odds - feat Kano
AA - Saxon

The second 12" from 'More Than Alot' brings Kano with the fire over a funky slice of old skool flava Hiphop.
Horns, breaks, fills and Soul brim from this surefire crossover hit, which should boost Chase & Status further into the limelight.

'Saxon' creeps in with a call to arms, as trademark deep razor wobbles rip in at the senses then break, contort, filter and spit you out.
The half step beat grinds on with a relentless swagger, with enough groove to keep the dance skanking.
A really diverse record for RAM this release should bring it more widespread attention.

King Cannibal

One of my top albums of last year, blinding;

King Cannibal - Let The Night Roar

Clinical and abrassive in the delivery 'Let the night roar' Is a beamoth of an album concoted in the brain of Dylan Richards and manifested by King Cannibal. Dance floor slayer 'Aragami Style' rips into high octane edits puncturing the seering reece lines, as the mentasms rise a top the cacophoney of dirt and noise. To all strips back to reveal a few moments of unsettling clarity only to surge you back, even deeper into the abyss.Varying stylistically whilst maintaing a core theme, each track unfolds like a dark avenue as elemnts roll and weave from one passage to the next, to the point where you cant quite remember where you began.
Daddy Freddy brings a fearsome delivery to 'Dirt' the legendary Trenchtown MC tears swathes out the ether, laced with detuned harmonies deep in reverb as the horror dancehall soundtrack cracks your neck with every snarl and kick.
The cinematic intro to 'Colder Still' draws you in ever closer to verocity of the drop and bursts with a groove so vicious and incesant its frankly disturbing.
With some serious nods to the darker headz of Dubstep, DnB and Dancehall, King Cannibal puts his own unique masochistic twist to the template.
For such an enigmtaic album to be on a label as revered as Ninja tune is so fitting, a teastement to the albums strength as a raw, brutal, haunting and powerful piece of music.



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