Sunday, 10 January 2010

Mr Woodnote

Mr Woodnote is Australian sax player Mikey Melican who came to the UK in 2007 and immersed himself into the jazz world playing at clubs and jams in London and making a name for himself on the scene. It wasn't till a stop in Bristol carried on a bit a longer that led to a couple of improvised gigs with Dub FX and Mr Woodnote opened his woodshed.

Initially Woodnote hit the streets with Dub FX and Flower Fairy jamming out song ideas, every night laying down parts which would form the two albums: Everythinks a Ripple and Winter of Woodshed. After the albums launched on their CONVOYUNLTD label they toured the world busking and playing at festivals throughout the summer, also scooping 1st (Dub FX) and 2nd (Woodnote) in the Roland Boss Loopstation Championships in London.

Winter of Woodshed collaborators the Bonobos Hobos - Lil Rhys and MC Idle joined Woodnote for various shows and also on his recent Russian and Eastern European tours.

Using his voice to beat box, make basslines and synths combined with his skills on the saxophone and flute, Woodnote brings it live in the truest sense.

Anyway here's some videos, the Woodstock one went out live on MTV Europe and the Flow video has had a couple of million views,

Mr Woodnote is now back in the UK and Dub FX is still touring Europe and Russia, expect to see them at a few festivals this year with new albums being laid down in the summer, it should be big things for all involved in 2010!


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